Valdosta, Georgia

Inpatient Program

mental health and addiction treatment in Valdosta, Georgia - Greenleaf CenterInpatient Services

Greenleaf Center is a 50-bed hospital dedicated to the treatment of behavioral health and chemical dependency issues affecting adolescents and adults. Individualized treatment programs for clients are designed to provide medical detoxification from alcohol and/or drugs and to treat acute psychiatric symptoms such as suicidal or homicidal thoughts. Discharge planning is also an important component of treatment in order to ensure

Adolescent Treatment

Adolescent programming for clients ages 12-17 provides safety and structure to developing teenagers. Group meetings are held several times daily to process thoughts and feelings related to precipitating crises that led to hospitalization. Opportunities for individual and family therapy are also encouraged in an effort to improve communication for clients and their families.

Adult Psychiatric Treatment

Adult Psychiatric programming focuses on establishing healthy coping skills in order to effectively handle stressors that contributed to hospitalization. Licensed clinical staff work in group-oriented therapy to process feelings, teach coping techniques, and challenge negative thinking patterns. Individual and family counseling is also encouraged. Adult psychiatric services provide assistance for clients struggling with depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, and suicidal/homicidal thinking.

Adult Substance Abuse Treatment

Adult Substance Abuse programming assists clients in facing the reality of their addictions and process thoughts and feelings geared toward a life of recovery. Individual and group-oriented work includes the admission of a problem with substances, building relapse prevention skills, and beginning the work of the 12-steps.  Clients in substance abuse programming are provided education on identifying triggers to use, developing recovery-based coping skills, and addressing mental health issues that often co-exist with substance use.  Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups are held at our facility.